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Sarge's Comics
124 State Street
New London CT 06320

Tel: 860.443.2004

Shop Hours:
12pm - 7pm
11am - 9pm
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11am - 9pm
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Novelties & Collectibles

Sarge's Comics goes beyond providing the best in comics and gaming supplies. We also carry a diverse collection of novelty items and collectibles, many of which are imports. From t-shirts to statues to vintage toys, we have many hard-to-find items throughout our shop.


Carrying the following clothing items and more:

  • Transformers, Bettie Page, Clerks II, Batman, Green Lantern, and Emily the Strange

Statues & Busts

Carrying the following figures and more:

  • Cobra Commander, Spiderman, Electra, Danger Girl, The Crow, Xmen, Elf Quest, Dr. Who and Predator

Anime DVDs

Carrying the following titles and more:

  • Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle


Carrying the following collectible items and more:

  • McFarlane’s Dragons, Final Fantasy VII Action Figures, Bone Figures, Vintage Star Wars Figures and Space Crafts, GI Joe, Sin City Figures, Simpsons and Sailor Moon

Japanese Imports and More

Carrying the following items and more:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Plushies, Pokemon Plushies, Big Toe Ugly Doll, Mario Plushies, Keychains, Hats, Pins, Anime Scrolls and Vintage Movie Posters